North of 4,000 Ukrainian evacuees secure positions in the Netherlands

About 4,300 Ukrainian evacuees have secured positions in the Netherlands since April 1, figures from state occupations organization UWV have shown,
Ukrainian exiles are not expected to have a work license however managers who take on a displaced person have an obligation to enlist this with the UWV.
In the week after April 1, when enlistment became necessary, 550 individuals had looked for a job. That number expanded by 850 in the following week, and somewhat recently of April approximately 1,350 businesses said they had taken on a Ukrainian evacuee.
Some 40% of the evacuees worked through organizations, for example in coordinated factors, creation or as cleaners, the UWV said. The cordiality area, cultivation and business administrations, where there are additionally significant staff deficiencies, are likewise demonstrating famous.
North of 47,000 Ukrainian nationals are so far answered to have gotten comfortable the Netherlands.

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