Vijf jaar Max Verstappen in de Formule 1: van jongste debutant ooit tot flapuit die voor controverse zorgt

Walk 15, 2015. Melbourne, Australia. Max Verstappen is in the Formula 1 Grand Prix just because. Prepared to vanquish motorsport. He is 17 years and 166 days old. Child of ex-F1 driver Jos and Sophie Kumpen, when extremely encouraging in karting.

His first race finishes in dissatisfaction because of motor issues. In his subsequent race, Verstappen - working at Toro Rosso - is the most youthful driver ever to take focuses by completing seventh. In spite of a season with high points and low points, Verstappen was at that point sure at that point. In Singapore 2015, simply his thirteenth thousand prix in his vocation, Toro Rosso's group the board requested him to pass colleague Sainz - quicker, in light of the fact that on new tires. Max's answer was short: "No."

The minute to outline in his first season was his make up for lost time during the Belgian GP against Felipe Nasr. The manner by which Verstappen, who might in the long run finish twelfth that season, promptly establishes a connection. He is respected: Rookie of the Year grant, the FIA ​​Action of the Year grant and the FIA ​​Personality of the Year grant.