School op IJburg van kind uit gezin met coronavirus blijft open

The Amsterdam grade school Laterna Magica, on which a youngster from a group of which three individuals are contaminated with the crown infection, will open again on Monday. This is done on the guidance of the GGD in counsel with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), as indicated by a letter to the guardians of the school. 

The understudy isn't tainted with the new crown infection. The mother, her significant other and most youthful kid have been tried positive. The lady was still in grade school last Wednesday to check for lice. 

As an insurance, the understudy remains in home disengagement for about fourteen days, on the counsel of RIVM. Together with a third youngster, who is additionally not tainted, it remains with family. 

The childcare focus of the most youthful previously reported on Friday that it will close its entryways for about fourteen days.